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Moving to a new flat, I didn’t want to leave it up to the landlord to deduct money from the deposit for ‘cleaning services’. Thought it best to take care of it myself. You guys did an excellent job not leaving a single speck of dust, so that nobody could have any complaints. I certainly couldn’t considering how cheap it all was!


There’s no way I could bring myself to clean a place I’m never going to use again! After finding out how cheaply you guys would do it, it was really a no-brainer in the end.


What an incredible service to have open to use! I really don’t think I would use another cleaner ever again, I can’t tell you how many occasions I have spent with tenants in our rental properties, the place an absolute bomb site and I think, there is no way I am cleaning this myself. Now I don’t have to ever again.

Lee – Fitzroy

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